Mie Prefecture’s Food System

Prefecture’s Top-Pick Food Products

Mie Brand Products

In Mie, abundant natural resources are nurtured. Mie’s governor grants Mie Brand certification on products that are born from the wisdom and skills to draw out the power of nature, while striving to preserve tradition and co-exist with the natural environment.

Mie Selection Products

These are food and liquor products selected for being unique and of superior quality.

Umashikuni: Mie Traditional Vegetables & Umashikuni: Mie Traditional Fruits

These are fruits and vegetables selected for having been cultivated locally for over fifty years and for being indispensable to local cuisine and festivals.

Mie Gibier

Mie Gibier refers to game meat of wild deer and boar that have been captured within the prefecture and that has been handled by businesses registered under Mie’s Gibier Registration System. To ensure that wild game can be safely enjoyed, the prefecture has produced a Mie Gibier manual on quality and sanitary control. Based on the standards spelled out in the manual, the prefecture has been working hard to ensure the high quality of wild game.

Check here for stores and restaurants where you can buy or eat Mie wild game.

Mie’s food is safe and secure

Mie’s Food Safety Labeling System

This is Mie’s unique program of labeling products that have met certain requirements as being safe, so that consumers can purchase Mie food products with peace of mind. The official name being “Mie’s Human- and Nature-Friendly Food Safety Labeling System,” the system has a third party agency ensure that the production process is sensitive to the environment and that food is safe and secure.

Mie Prefecture Food Safety and Security Plaza

A comprehensive prefecture-run website on food safety and security.

Food of Mie Much-Loved by the Locals

The “Jimono Ichiban” Brand

The “local production for local consumption” movement (chisan-chisho katsudo) promotes not only the purchasing and consumption of locally-produced agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and the processed goods made from such products, but also taking another good look at our own lives and the area that we live in through experiencing the local agricultural, forestry, and fishery industries as well as nature. “Jimono Ichiban” is Mie’s brand used in the campaign for further promoting the “local production for local consumption” movement.


Mie Terrace

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