Evangelists of Abundant and Distinctive Food

Training people with unique skills, and introductions of Mie chefs

The Power of Youth Supports the Food Sector

Mie Prefecture is united in its efforts to promote human resources development in the food sector. As well as high schools that teach farm cultivation techniques and management, specialized knowledge related to the fishing industry, and specialized knowledge in the field of distribution and sales, Mie has many high schools that turn out food specialists in the production of safe processed foods as well as future chefs.

The high school that fosters food specialists

Mie Prefectural Oka High School

Oka High School aims to foster chefs, pastry chefs and other food specialists who will be the leaders of the local food sector, with a focus on techniques, management, product development, and communication skills. The school’s cooking club has won the gold medal in the International Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge for seven consecutive years since 2009, making it the top school in the country in reality as well as in name.
Moreover, in collaboration with Gokatsuraike Furusatomura resort village, Oka High School has opened Mago-no-Mise, the only restaurant in Japan run by high school students. The students are in charge of everything from planning the menu to buying the ingredients, cooking the food, serving the customers and handling the finances. Their skills are built up day by day, not only in cooking, but in all aspects of customer service.

Cooking videos by Ouka high school students (English version)

Preachers of a rich food culture

Mie Chefs

Mie has some of the best ryokan inns in the country as well as some of the most well-known hotels in the world. Its ryokan and restaurants employ outstanding chefs who make the most of local ingredients. In addition, restaurants that promote local delicacies as bearers of the local food culture are well-loved by many people.

Embodying the charms of Mie in sushi

Mie Sushi Kaido (Mie Sushi Road)

Sushi, the pride of traditional Japanese cuisine, now has fans across the world. Likening the coast from Ise Bay to Kumanonada Sea to a road, from north to south unique restaurants serve sushi using Umashikuni specialties along the road such as clams, conger eels, Matsusaka beef and Spiny lobsters on which Mie prides itself, with the catchphrase “local production for local consumption,” to convey the attractions of both Mie and sushi.

Umashikuni Ise Chef Club

All kinds of restaurants flourish in Ise which is blessed with the fruits of the land and sea. Many chefs and owner-chefs of different ages, backgrounds and experience in this gourmet town came together in 2008 to form the Umashikuni Ise Chef Club. By honing their skills in pursuit of the charms of local ingredients in the fields of Italian and French cuisine, they further promote the evolution of the food culture of Ise.